Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors Partners in Alliance with TRUST-CFOsm

Zeller Kern helping clients in RetirementZeller Kern Wealth Advisors partners with TRUST-CFOSM  for Trust Administration Support Services

Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors of Gold River, California, has contracted TRUST-CFOSM to help accentuate its current capabilities. They see the value of providing asset protection and wealth preservation services for their clients. By providing risk management and administration support for its retirement and estate planning services, TRUST-CFOSM will become a significant pillar of support for Zeller Kern’s services.

TRUST-CFOSM is a California-based firm specializing in the administration of “active” private assets held in trust. They have pioneered the Private Retirement TrustSM as well as the patent-pending administration support system to ensure plan success and maximum defense against creditors.

The Value of Asset Protection in Retirement

Zeller Kern and TRUST-CFOSM are currently out educating their mutual network partners and California business owners and associations on their rights to asset protection. This is done through exemption planning and how a Private Retirement TrustSM can help allow them to build their business and protect their wealth from unwanted creditor attack and asset seizure.

“In today’s economic environment, our firm is seeing an increasing need for clients to structure and protect their assets from lawsuits and creditors. Which is why it’s important to include this topic within the planning process for our clients”, says Steven E. Zeller, Senior Wealth Advisor for Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors. “Partnering with TRUST- CFO will substantially increase the planning capabilities to our clients.”

For more questions, please call Steve Zeller, CEO of Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors at 866-536-6131

or Ray Olmo, Managing Director of TRUST-CFOSM at 800-730-3020, ext #101

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