What is Private Retirement ? The safest way to “exempt” private self-directed assets.

Value Proposition:
the PRTsm solves critical self-direction needs for successful Californians.  “Private Retirement” planning strategically focuses on helping owners, executives and professionals’ fund and asset-protect personal or “private” assets on their balance sheet, including private business interests.

all other employer-sponsored retirement plans or compensation programs limit funding to the profits generated from a business, which leave all other personal assets on a balance sheet exposed to loss from lawsuits, creditor judgements, or bankruptcy trustee claims.

The patent-pending Private Retirement TrustSM provides the following powerful funding,
accumulation, and distribution benefits:There are no funding limits as long as assets are designated and proper for retirement
Funding can include business equity (corporate stock/member interests) as well as profits
Private (non-business) appreciating assets can be funded by participants
Self-directed: there are no self-dealing rules or prudent-man provisions
The PRTsm is tax-neutral – participants continue to receive tax benefits just as owned personally
All funds are completely asset-protected from lawsuits, creditor judgements and bankruptcy.
Distributions can start before age 59 ½ (no 10% penalty) or after age 70 ½ (no 50% RMD penalty)
PRTsm plan distributions retain asset-protection benefits even after paid-out!
Bottom Line:
The PRTsm is truly unrestricted, which allows a participant to do what they want and how they want to build wealth for retirement, but also receive true asset protection on all PRTsm Plan assets and benefits.
Want to find out what assets you can fund to your PRTsm and exempt from creditors? Call us today to get your
PRTsm Diagnostic. 800-730-3020.

We are your ultimate guide to “Private Retirement” maximization.

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