The Private Retirement Trustsm – a proprietary Trust design

Announcing the Patent-Pending Private Retirement Trustsm – a True Asset Protection Trust for Californians to protect their private investments, business interests, and other appreciating assets.

Under California state statute (law) CCP 704.115, assets held in a Private Retirement Trustsm plan are exempt from creditor lawsuits and bankruptcy judgments, as long as designated specifically for retirement.

Private Retirement–any private investments including business interests can be funded to a PRTsm and protected from both creditor and bankruptcy judgments – without limits or restrictions.
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The PRTsm allows a Californian to convert their “exposed” personal assets to “exempt” private retirement assets by simply enhancing (using in advance) their California state exemption. Funding a PRTsm is unrestricted as long as assets can be justified and proven as needed for retirement, and can include private business interests, stock, and notes, if properly administrated.

True Asset-Protection – PRTsm assets are “exempt” from creditors, not gifted or transferred, so PRTsm Plan participants receive all benefits from their funded assets just as if they own them directly.

Almost all promoted planning solutions are too complex, too costly, and suggest giving up control of assets. The PRTsm offers “true” asset protection because PRTsm plan assets are self-directed and retain beneficial interests during lifetime, allowing a participant to manage their private business and investments the way they want while protecting all plan funds from creditor exposures. Even plan distributions can maintain asset protection if properly administrated.

Patent-Pending – the PRTsm Trust technique and the PRTsm Administration process is trademarked and patent-pending to honor and protect the incredible value it provides to all Californians.

Honoring the state law exemption is critical to safeguarding Plan assets against unwanted creditors. Therefore, the planning process and trust administration is the key to securing PRTsm benefits and ultimate creditor defense. We have pioneered the PRTsm technique as well as the complete exemption administration process to ensure ultimate creditor defense and trust benefits, and have elected to protect our one-of-a-kind process to minimize risks and abuses.
After all, we wrote the book on asset-protection…we might as well take our own advice.

Bottom Line:
The PRTsm is much more simple, flexible, powerful, and cost-effective than all other asset-protection alternatives, with much less risk.Plus, you’ll understand it!

 So why aren’t you using your California exemption to fund your own PRTsm?

Call us to get your PRTsm Diagnostic and find out exactly what assets you can “exempt” today.


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