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Ok, so when clients come in our door, they always seem to ask if they can get a tax-deduction for funding in their private assets to their PRT. I ask always ask “Why would you want to slit your own throat?”
Doctors, how are you going to fill the retirement funding gap without being exposed to lawsuits? We have a great solution to help you protect your world and keep your lifestyle in tact.
Judicial Hell Hole

California is a hard place to do business and we get it

As we have been saying for some time, California is a hard place to do business or some have called it a “judicial hell hole”. Many businesses struggle to succeed in California for many reasons
Private Retirement Plans provide the highest level of protection for Californians retirement savings and financial future

If you’re a California resident looking into your options for retirement, I’m sure you’re familiar with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and similar tax-oriented retirement plans.